Admin Console for Beginners

This workshop will look at some of the main features and settings found in the Google GSuite for Education dashboard.

This session is aimed at helping new administrators understand the basic concepts of managing a GAFE domain, or for interested teachers to have a better understanding of what can be managed using the admin console, and how it is done. This session will not make you a domain admin expert... it's an overview of the essential ideas behind Google GSuite for Education domain management.

The Basics
  • Setting up the dashboard the way you like it (Admin > Home)
  • Configuring your organisation's basic settings (Company Profile > Profile)
  • Rapid release vs Scheduled release (Company Profile > Profile)
  • New product release options (Company Profile > Profile)
  • Your organisation's logo (Company Profile > Personalisation)
  • Core Apps vs Non-Core Apps (Apps > Google Apps)
  • SLAs and Online support (Support)
  • Understanding Organisational Units (Users)
  • Creating Users (Users)
  • Creating Bulk Users (Users)
  • Assigning Admin Roles (Admin Roles)
  • Controlling access to Apps (Apps > Google Apps)
  • Assigning Gmail Labs (Apps > Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced)
  • Restrict Mail Delivery (Apps > Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced)
  • Objectionable Content Filter  (Apps > Google Apps > Gmail > Advanced)
Calendar Settings
  • Setting default sharing settings (Apps > Google Apps > Calendar > Sharing Settings)
  • Creating resource calendars (Apps > Google Apps > Calendar > Resources)
Managing Chromebooks
  • Assigning Apps to Chromebooks (Device Management > Chrome > User Settings)
Google Classroom
  • Assigning Teacher Permissions (Apps > Google Apps > Classroom)
Domain Statistics
  • Seeing your domain usage activity (Reports > Highlights)