Get Productive with Gmail and Calendar

They may not be the glamour apps of the Google suite, but getting a grip on Gmail and your Calendar might just be the most valuable thing you can get good at! 

Gmail has several powerful features that set it apart from most other email tools. This session will introduce you to some of these features and help you master your inbox. And while you might think your calendar is just a boring tool for storing meetings, you should see what you can do with Google Calendar when you really get into it! Gmail and Calendar are a powerful set of tools for personal organisation… there is way more to Gmail and Calendar than you might think!

This session will explore the many cool and useful features of Gmail and Calendars, and it will help you to be more organised and productive every day. This will be a fairly practical and hands on session so bring your computer and your Google account for maximum benefit.
Essential Gmail skills
  • Understanding Labels
  • Understanding Conversation view
  • Creating Filters
  • Stars and Importance
  • Discover the multiple Inbox types
  • Mail vs Hangouts (chat)
  • Basic Settings
  • Offline Mode
  • Gmail on your mobile device
  • Useful Gmail Labs
    • Undo Send
    • Canned Responses
    • Auto Advance
    • Quote selected text
Essential Google Calendar skills
  • Understanding Primary and Secondary calendars
  • Discover Event settings
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Inviting meeting participants
  • Find a Time for a meeting
  • Adding Resources to a meeting
  • Working with Time Zones
  • Working with Tasks
  • Offline Mode
  • Calendars on your mobile device
  • Useful Calendar Labs
    • Hide Morning and Night
    • Gentle Notifications
    • Year View
    • World Clock