Taming Google Calendar

You might think your calendar is just a boring tool for storing meeting information, but you should see what you can do with Google Calendar when you really get into it! 

From using your calendar as a powerful tool for personal organisation, to organising meetings with your colleagues, managing tasks and events, right through to managing your entire school with shared calendars, there is way more to Google Calendar than you might think.

This session will explore the many cool and useful features of Google Calendars, and it will help you to be more organised and productive every day. This will be a fairly practical and hands on session so bring your computer and your Google account for maximum benefit.

Exploring your Calendar

  • Day, Week, Month, Agenda, Custom Views
  • The mini calendar
  • My Calendars vs Other Calendars

Primary and Secondary Calendars

  • Creating new Secondary Calendars (Calendar layers)
  • Location, Timezone, Visibility
  • Showing and hiding secondary calendars
  • Adding public calendars (eg, http://www.icalshare.com)
  • Tasks

Creating Events

  • Creating a simple event
  • Choosing the calendar layer
  • All day events vs timed events
  • Setting up repeating events
  • Setting reminders (email, popup, sms)
  • Visibility and Privacy
  • Adding attachments
  • Adding video calls (requires G+)
  • Inviting guests
  • Adding resources
  • Finding available times for a meeting
  • Working with time zones
  • QuickAdd events

Sharing Calendars

  • How sharing calendars works
  • Public, Organisation, Private
  • Free/Busy view
  • Setting sharing permissions for others

Calendar Settings

  • General Settings
  • Show in list (or not)
  • Setting reminders and notifications
  • Editing Sharing
  • Unsubscribing from secondary calendars
  • Importing and exporting Calendars
  • Showing extra timezones


  • Appointment Slots (GAFE Only Feature)
  • Embedding calendars in a web page
  • Calendar Labs
  • Offline mode
  • Connecting your phone for SMS
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Calendar for Mobile


Sharing your Google Calendar

The Mini Calendar

QuckAdd Events

Working with Tasks

Embedding Google Calendars