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Work Smarter: Productivity and Automation

Don't work hard, work smart! Why spend hours doing things that could be done in seconds? This workshop will show you a range of amazing productivity ideas and ways to automate common tasks so that you spend less time doing repetitive work and more time on the things that really matter. Putting these ideas to work will save you hours of time!

Basic Computer Use techniques

  • 2 finger Trackpad technique
  • Two finger scrolling
  • Two finger right click

Teachers, please learn these basic skills and explicitly teach them to your students!

Tab Management in Chrome

  • Moving tabs
  • Separating and Joining tabs
  • Pinning tabs
  • Duplicating tabs
  • Reopen closed tab

Common (and really useful!) Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

Cut, Copy Paste

Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I, Ctrl-U

Bold, Italic, Underline


Undo the last action


Find on this page


Insert a link


Open new tab


ReOpen Closed tab


Open new window


Open new Incognito Window


Close this window


Print this page

Spacebar and Shift-Spacebar

Scroll up and down a webpage

Ctrl-Shift-> and Ctrl-Shift-<

Bump font size up or down (in Docs)

Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t like keyboard shortcuts because you can’t remember them.  Learn them anyway.

you’ll thank me later. You’re welcome.

Want to be more productive?

Pivot Tables in Sheets

Q: What is a pivot table?
A: Awesome.  Plot one variable against another. Immediately, Automatically.  (sample)

And let's not forget Filter Views!

Automating common processes with AddOns

Addons increase the productivity of your Google drive tools by giving you extra features that are not standard. By taking advantage of these add-ons you can greatly increase your productivity.