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Do more with Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings

Create an information report with Google Docs  

Create a two page report on a sport of your choice

  1. Ensure that your document is set to A4 size, with 1.5cm margins at top and bottom, and 2cm margins left and right
  2. Name your document with the name of your chosen sport
  3. Add some information about your chosen sport. Use the Voice typing feature to "type" a paragraph or two (200 word max)
  4. Include at least two photo images of the sport being played
  5. Add a table showing some key information about the sport
  6. Include a bulleted list of people well known for playing this sport
  7. Identify key words, names or ideas in your text and link them to further information online
  8. Add a short bibliography with links to the sources of your information 
  9. Format the document however you wish. Make it attractive! Consider using different typefaces, size and colour fonts. 
  10. Add page numbers to the bottom right corner of each page
  11. Check the word count of your report, making sure it's not over 400 words in total
  12. Star the file
  13. Move the file to a new folder titled "Do More with Docs"
  14. View your document in print preview mode. Visually check it's not more than 2 pages long. If it is, fix it.
  15. Translate the finished report into either Spanish, French, Italian or Chinese
  16. Email a copy of the translated doc to yourself as a PDF

Calculate and graph numbers with Google Sheets

  1. Create a spreadsheet to summarise and calculate the costs of taking a family to the movies.
  1. Title the Sheet “Going to the Movies”
  2. Set up columns for:
    1. Items (tickets, popcorn, parking, candy, etc)
    2. Quantity (number of each purchased)
    3. Cost (individual cost of each item)
    4. Item Total (calculate the total for each item, quantity x cost)
    5. Grand total (add all the item totals together)
  3. Format the sheet for maximum clarity. Add background colours, borders, etc, to make it easy to read
  4. Sort the list into alphabetical order by item name
  5. Create a 3D Bar graph showing the relative total costs for each item. Move this graph to its own Sheet
  6. Use the Explore tool to create a second graph, this time a 2D pie chart showing the percentage spent on each item
  7. Apply a filter to show only the snack bar items (popcorn, candy, etc)
  8. Star the file
  9. Move the file to the existing folder titled "Do More with Docs"
  10. Share the Sheet with a partner (in Commenting mode) and ask for feedback or suggestions using comments
Here is a example

Collaborate together with Google Slides

Create a Slides presentation on the planets in our solar system

Work in teams of no more than 5 people
  1. Create a group Slides presentation, choosing a suitable theme for your slides. 
    Hint: only one person should create the Slides file and then share it with the others as collaborators
  2. Include a title slide - Our Solar System
  3. Add a slide for each planet 
  4. Each slide needs to include:
    1. The name of the planet
    2. A picture of the planet
    3. A brief description of the planet
    4. A short note in the Speakers Notes section
  5. On the final slide includes credits for the members of your group, with each person's name and photo
  6. Group each name with the corresponding photo
  7. Star the file
  8. Present your final slides on the iPad
Extension activity - Check out Slides Carnival to discover a range of cool Slides templates for your next presentation project

Create consistent document formatting with Styles in Docs

  1. Open this document. It will force you to make a copy. (This is a good way to "hand out" a document to your students)
  2. Use Styles to Format the list. 
  3. Use Title for the top line, Heading 1 for the event name, Heading 2 for the date, Normal text for the description. 
  4. Modify the font, spacing and colour of each Style to something more appropriate
  5. Update each style so it changes throughout the whole document. 

Here's an example -

Create image maps using Google Drawings and Sites

  1. Open a new Google Drawing
  2. Insert an image on the canvas that contains clickable regions (people, maps, areas, etc)
  3. Use the Polyline or Scribble tool to trace around the outline of each region in the image
  4. Add a link to each shape and direct it to a relevant URL
  5. Select all the shapes and set their fill and outline to transparent
  6. Create a new Google Site
  7. Insert the Google Drawing into the Site
  8. Publish the site
  9. Test the links
Here's an example -

Simple Desktop Publishing with Google Slides

Work in teams of 2-3 people
  1. One person to open a new Google Slides file and share it with the other(s)
  2. Name the file (your choice)
  3. Resize the slide to be the size of an A4 page (29.7cm x 21cm)
  4. Select a page from the sample collection 
  5. Reproduce the page design using your own content
  6. More suggestions and ideas for this task here