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Google Forms

Forms are amazing.  They can be used to collect data, conduct a survey, vote in an election, or quiz your students. They really have almost unlimited uses in a school environment and can totally change the way you do things in a school.

Forms can have the following question types...
  • Text
  • Paragraph text
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Choose from a list
  • Scale
  • Grid
  • Date
  • Time
You can also manage the general flow and look of your Forms by including...
  • Section Headers
  • Page Breaks
  • Images
  • Videos
The Page Breaks and Section Headers can be used to create conditional Forms, where people are given different questions to respond to based on their previous answers. This can be used to customise your Forms quite a lot.

The recent addition of Images of Videos is something that many Forms users have been asking for for a while. You can now show a YouTube video or display an image and ask your respondents a question about it. Super cool!

Sample Form - Have a go!

Here is a sample Form. It contains three conditional branches that showcase the various question types and options in Forms. (so you need to do it three times if you want to see the whole thing) 

Have a go!

Sample Form

Forms Activity 1 - Make your own Form

Create a form that uses at least 6 of the different question types, but you MUST use ScaleGrid and Multiple Choice question types. The other 3 (or more) are up to you.

Once you create your form...
  • Choose a Theme
  • Choose a Response Destination ( I suggest a Spreadsheet)
  • View the Live Form
  • Send it to a couple of people to fill out.
  • View the Summary of responses 
It's not hard, is it?  Think of all the different uses you could come up for Forms in your school.  Tell us about it here...

Six things about Forms that you might not have known

Also, if you are creating Forms using a Google Apps for Education account, you get some extra options in the Form Settings.  You can force respondents to be logged into your school domain (so you can restrict the respondents to only those that belong to your school, for example), and you can automatically collect their logged in username (great to make sure that the person filling in the form is who they say they are)

Happy Form building!  It really is one of the best things about Google Drive!

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