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Other Drive Apps

Google Drive has grown to offer much more than just the standard set of Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms apps made by Google.

Because Google Drive makes it possible for developers to build web applications that can take advantage of Google Drive as a file storage location, we are starting to see lots of really interesting and powerful web tools that piggyback on top of Drive.  Here are a few you might want to check out...


Kaizena comes from the Japanese word "kaizen", meaning "constant improvement". Appropriately, Kaizena is a text and voice commenting feedback tool that uses Google Drive.

Once your students create a Google Doc and share it with you, you can add voice (or text) annotations to it as a way of helping them see how they can improve.


MoveNote lets students visually narrate a slideshow or series of photographs, so it has great uses in the classroom. Just import a Google Presentations slideshow (you can even use a PowerPoint file if you really want to) or a series of photographs, and then narrate your way through them using your computers webcam.

Because it shows video of the narrator, it's a useful way for students to present their slideshows. The finished products can even be embedded in other places such as a blog or website.

MoveNote also has mobile apps for iOS and Android, although you can only create slideshows with photos on these apps, not Drive Slide presentations. (be careful where you put the dot!) is a site that allows you to take notes while watching a YouTube video, and those notes are synchronised with the video. When you review your notes later, clicking on the notes text will instantly jump you to that point in the video.

The service integrates directly into your Google Drive and stores your notes there. It's also a collaborative service so that multiple people can all be taking notes together.


LucidPress is a desktop publishing (DTP) app that runs in your browser. If Google Docs is an alternative to Microsoft  Word, then LucidPress is like an alternative to Microsoft Publisher.

You can collaboratively create DTP files for flyers, posters, magazines and more. It's surprisingly powerful and amazing to think that this is all happening in a browser!


We video is a video editing app that links directly to Google Drive. You can access clips stored in Drive and once you finish editing you can export the finished video right back to Drive.

WeVideo has three different editing modes, from basic storyboard mode, to intermediate timeline based mode, through to an advanced timeline mode with multiple audio and video tracks. So no matter whet level of video editing you are at, it is quite suitable. It also has a great library of sound effects, music, motion graphics and themes.

Although WeVideo is quite capable, just be aware that it's probably better for making shorter clips since it can take a long time transfer really large videos across the web.


Audiotool is an amazing multitrack audio editor featuring both MIDI and loop-based audio creation tools. (A bit like Garageband)

It uses a highly visual paradigm with virtual synthesisers, drum machines and effect pedals that you connect to virtual mixing desks and effects like echo machines, etc, using virtual cables. 

But the most amazing thing is that all this multi-track goodness runs in a web browser!