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Scripts and Add Ons for Beginners

Many people think that Scripts and Add Ons are only for the truly geeky, but this session will show you otherwise. Understanding how to install and run Scripts and AddOns can bring a whole new dimension to your use of Google Apps. This session assumes you know nothing about Scripts or Add Ons, but will have you doing some very cool things with them by the end of it.
This session is not suitable for iPads.

Simple Add Ons to make your Documents more useful

Many Add Ons behave more like simple one-trick "extensions".  Under the hood they use scripting to work their magic, but they don't feel like the more traditional complex scripting applications.

Here are some of my favourite Add Ons. These lists are not exhaustive, they are simply ones that many people seem to like and use a lot. Open a blank document/sheet/form and feel free to try them out!  Note that some of them need additional data (such as a list of names, etc) to be useful. You can get some sample data by clicking the Demo Files link and adding them to you own Google Drive to play with them.

For Docs

  • Change Case
  • Avery Mail Merge 
  • Thesaurus
  • Hellofax
  • Hellosign
  • OpenClipart
  • Workflows
  • Twitter Curator
  • Orange Slice (sample)
  • Voice Recognition
  • Translate
  • SAS Writing Reviser
  • for Google Docs
  • Creative Commons Licence Chooser

For Sheets

For Forms

  • Form Notification 
  • Form Values
  • Form Limiter 
  • Form Publisher
  • Choice Eliminator (sample)