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Hawaii Summit 2017

posted 22 Mar 2017, 15:23 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 22 Mar 2017, 15:24 ]

Swaying palm trees. The scent of coconut oil. Stunning sunsets. Waves gently rolling onto the beach. Oh, and Google stuff. Lots and lots of Google stuff.

Edmondton ERLC Summit

posted 18 Mar 2017, 16:32 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 18 Mar 2017, 16:32 ]

It's good to be back in Edmondton again for the ERLC Event, powered by EdTechTeam. Hope to see you at some of my workshop sessions.

Roseville Summit

posted 2 Jan 2017, 18:54 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 14 Jan 2017, 14:40 ]

G'day California! Good to be back here in Roseville!  Here are links to the sessions I'm doing at this Summit. 

Adelaide Summit

posted 11 Oct 2016, 05:56 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 11 Oct 2016, 05:56 ]

Nice to back in the City of Music! This is a really special Summit, with not only Google sessions, but also a lot of stuff on iPads and iOS, as well as computational thinking, digital technologies, and coding workshops too. We are also launching the brand new EdTechTeam app, available from the App Store or the Play Store.

Anyway, my workshops for Adelaide are...

Tasmania Summit

posted 24 Sep 2016, 18:50 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 25 Sep 2016, 07:20 ]

It's pretty exciting to be here at St Mary's College in Hobart for this first ever EdTechTeam Tasmanian Summit. Here are the links to all my sessions.  Hope you find them handy. 

If you could also leave some feedback on the ones you attend I'd appreciate it.

Buffalo Summit

posted 4 Aug 2016, 06:50 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 4 Aug 2016, 06:53 ]

Perth Summit

posted 3 Jul 2016, 18:43 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 3 Jul 2016, 23:55 by Crux Learning Admin ]

Texas Panhandle Summit

posted 28 May 2016, 19:01 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 11:26 ]

Well Howdy Texas! I'm excited to be here in the Lone Star state! My first time in Texas! These are the workshop sessions I'm presenting here so I hope to see you at some of them.

Christchurch Summit

posted 23 Apr 2016, 19:34 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 23 Apr 2016, 19:34 ]

Hello Christchurch. Good to be back again. These are the sessions I'll be running this year at Burnside High School. Hope to see you at one of them.

Sydney Summit

posted 16 Apr 2016, 07:34 by Chris Betcher   [ updated 16 Apr 2016, 07:34 ]

I love going to Summits all over the world but there's something special about having one here at home. I'm pretty excited about the Summit being back in my home town of beautiful Sydney. The sessions I'll be running here at Holy Cross Ryde are...

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