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Got GSuite? Got iPads? Get Productive!

Lots of schools love Google GSuite for Education. Lots of schools love iPads too. So how can you make the most of Google when you live in both a GSuite and an iPad world? This session will get you working on a series of practical, hands-on projects that showcase how your iPad can be used in a Google universe. Bring an iPad and make sure you can download apps from the Apple App Store.

In most instances where students have 1:1 iPads in classrooms, the teacher still uses a conventional computer. This often means that tasks that seem simple on a computer are not always so simple on an iPad. Many teachers in iPad classrooms don't fully grasp just how different the experience can be.  In this workshop you will take on a series of typical ICT projects on an iPad to put yourself in the shoes of your students.

All these tasks can be done on an iPad using the Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides apps for iOS. You'll need all of them to complete this task, as well as the Classroom app

If you really do want to live in a Google world on an iPad, you should probably also make sure you're using Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Photos, etc for iOS. All these apps work together to make the iOS experience much better for Google users.

After you do this task, reflect on it with these questions...

Do this activity using Google Classroom

In a recent update, Google Classroom now allows people with Gmail accounts to join a Classroom. This means if you have a Gmail account you can now do this activity through Classroom! This is the preferred way to do this workshop as it gives you a good idea of what it feels like from the student perspective
  1. Go to classroom.google.com using your own personal Gmail account
  2. Click the + button and join a class using the code (21cby)
I'll remove you from the class after the workshop, but you'll still have your work stored in your own Drive.

If you can't use your Gmail account to join this activity, you can do it without using Classroom. All the activities are listed here.

If you have a moment I'd really appreciate your feedback on this session. Thanks!