Got iPad Activities

In case you can't use a Gmail account to join the Classroom that has been set up for this activity, here is the list of the activities. You can do them without using Classroom if you prefer. Just create the documents and save them in your Drive.  You'll still needs the Google DriveGoogle DocsGoogle Sheets and Google Slides apps for iOS to complete the task.

Task 1: Google Docs  

Create a two page report on an animal of your choice

  • Title your document with the name of your chosen animal
  • Your report should include:
    • A paragraph or two of information about your animal (200 word max)
    • At least two images of the animal
    • A table showing key information about the animal
    • A bulleted list of places where the animal can be found
    • Insert a link to the source of your information
  • Format the document to be attractive, using different typeface, size and colour fonts
  • Check the word count of your report, making sure it's not over 200 words
  • Star the file
  • View in print layout mode to check it's not more than 2 pages long
  • Email a copy the finished doc to yourself as a PDF

Task 2: Google Sheets

Create a spreadsheet to summarise and calculate the costs of taking a family to the movies.

  • Title the Sheet “Going to the Movies”
  • Set up columns for:
    • Items (tickets, popcorn, parking, candy, etc)
    • Quantity (number of each purchased)
    • Cost (individual cost of each item)
    • Item Total (calculate the total for each item, quantity x cost)
    • Grand total (add all the item totals together)
  • Add background colours, borders, etc, to make it easy to read
  • Format the sheet for maximum clarity
  • Sort the list into alphabetical order by item
  • Apply a filter to show only the snack bar items
  • Star the file
  • Share with a partner and ask for feedback or suggestions using comments
Here is a example

Task 3: Google Slides

Create a Slides presentation on the planets in our solar system

Work in teams of no more than 4 people
  • Create a group Slides presentation, choosing a suitable theme for your slides
  • Hint: only one person should create the Slides doc and share it with the others as collaborators
  • Include a title slide
  • Add a slide for each planet 
  • On each slide include:
    • The name of the planet
    • A picture of the planet
    • A brief description of the planet
    • A short note in the Speakers Notes section
  • On the final slide includes credits for the members of your group, with each person's name and photo
  • Group each name with the corresponding photo
  • Star the file
  • Present your final slides on the iPad

Here is a example

Task 4: Bring it all together

  • Create a folder in your Google Drive called “Got iPad”
  • Move all your documents into this folder.
  • Star this folder