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Explore the World with Expeditions

Expeditions is a classroom application for Google Cardboard that enables teachers to lead students through a curated collection of locations, spaces and environments. This workshop will show you how it works and let you see how you might use it in your classroom.

Cardboard Apps

Apps you should install for this session
  • Expedition
  • Cardboard
  • Streetview
  • YouTube
  • Cardboard Camera (Android only)

Everything you need to know about Expeditions is here -

Not ready for Expeditions? 

Visit places with Google Maps or Google Earth

    One obvious way to explore the world from the comfort of your classroom is with Google Maps or the New Google Earth. Because Maps and Earth are fairly accurate models of our world, they are excellent resources to use for exploring the world. Google Maps and Google Earth should be a big part of ANY classroom.

    Both Google Earth and Google Maps run in Chrome and give a photorealistic view of different places in the world.  Check out somewhere like London, or Perth, or Tokyo, or Madrid, or San Francisco.  Amazing right?  Now drag with your mouse or trackpad. Now hold down the Shift key as you drag. Go explore!

    How could you use this ability to explore a place using this technology in your classroom? 

    Explore the World with Streetview

    Visit the Streetview site at

    The streetview site contains 360 panoramas (photospheres) of thousand of locations around the world. You can explore almost anywhere on earth by finding it in Streetview. Some photospheres are made by the Google Maps team and some are contributed by people like you and me. 

    On the website, you can learn about how Streetview works, where the Streetview cars are driving right now, where has been mapped so far, and more.

    Want to contribute to the Streetview collection?  Get the Streetview App for Android or iOS.  You can not only explore the Streetview collections, but you can use the Streetview app on your phone to create your own panoramas and then contribute them to the global Google Maps collection! How awesome is that?

    I if you have access to a special part of the world that hasn't been "streetviewed" yet, why not ask to borrow the Trekker?

    Are YOU using maps to explore the world regularly in your classroom? If not, why not?

    360 videos

    Go to, or use the YouTube App on your phone. Search for 360 video.  These videos have been shot with special 360 degree cameras and are fully interactive. Pan around in the video to see it from any point of view...  Here's a few examples...

    And if you want more, check out all the other collections on the YouTube 360 Video channel.