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Explore your World with Google Geo Tools

MyMaps is a free data mapping tool that anyone can use to create personalised maps and data mashups.

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Activity: Mapping Datasets

Here are some datasets for you. Just click on one that sounds interesting, and it will automatically make a copy in your own Google Drive. Choose a sample file from the list below and open a new MyMaps page to import the data in. Then go play with it!
Make a Map
Next time your students are learning about a topic that involves any sort of geographical information, get them to work together to produce a collaborative map of key locations.  

This idea can be used in ALL subject areas, not just obvious ones like geography! 
  • Science - show where data was collected. 
  • English - show the places mentioned in a novel. 
  • Art - show where different art movements started. 
  • History - show locations of famous battles
  • Use your imagination! 

Tell a story

Check out this map which shows the story of Pannikin and Pinta, a story about two pelicans migrating across Central Australia. Each location mentioned in the story has been mapped and a pin added with photos of the place. Some pins also include pictures of the place.

Back it up with a worksheet that can be finished using mapping data like this.

Start with a Sheet

Rather than getting your students to drop pins on the map, why not start by getting them to compile the data on a shared Google Sheet, then import that data onto a map? Maybe showing where they live in relation to the school.
Here's an example...

Did you know?

Google's Maps are updated constantly, with new additions made every week. However, not every area is updated equally often... densely populated areas are updated more often than remote and rural areas.