You are the proud owner of a Hot Chocolate, Tea, and Coffee distribution company, and your business is thriving. As a next step in your growth, you want to increase your hot beverage sales in Russia.

The data process begins by asking questions. In this scenario, the primary question is: how should you invest your resources in order to grow your business in Russia?

Part 1

With the primary question in mind, here is a data set containing information on hot beverage sales in Russia over the span of a year:

Instruction: Create a copy of the Hot Beverage Sales Log table by selecting File -> Make a copy in the Fusion Tables window.

Now that you have your question and your data, you need to calculate the profits using the available information.

  • PricePerUnit tells you how much a customer paid for each unit.
  • CostPerUnit tells you how much it cost us to produce each unit.
  • UnitsSold tells you how many units were sold in a particular sale.
Using this information, you are going to calculate ProfitPerUnit and TotalProfits for each sale.

What formula will you need to enter in order to compute the ProfitPerUnit for each sale?

Instruction: Create a new formula column. Set the name to ProfitPerUnit. Set the formula to PricePerUnit CostPerUnit. Then create another new formula column. Set the name toTotalProfit. Set the formula to ProfitPerUnit UnitsSold.

Important: Make sure there are no spaces in the variable names. Total Profit is not the same as TotalProfit. Formulas might not work if you have spaces in the variable names.

You should now have two new formula columns added to the table: ProfitPerUnit andTotalProfit

Part 2

Instruction: Create a bar chart showing how many times each brand was purchased.

Hint: Make sure you check the Summarize data? box when creating the bar chart, and make sure the count box is selected for the Brand variable. Make sure that you are looking at the count of Brand, and not the sum of UnitsSold.

You should now have a bar chart showing how many times each brand was purchased. 

Looking at the bar chart you generated, which three brands were purchased the most?

Instruction: Change the chart so that instead of looking at the count of each brand, you are looking at the sum of TotalProfit brought in by each brand. 

Looking at the bar chart you generated, how much TotalProfit was made on the most profitable brand?

Instruction: Create a bar chart that displays the total profits for each category.

Which category brought in the least amount of profit?

Part 3