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What on Earth can you do with Google Earth?

Google Earth has always been an astonishing way to explore our planet, and the new version of Earth now brings the wonder of our planet directly into your browser. This workshop will provide you with a solid understanding of what you can do with the new Google Earth, and provide a range of ideas for using it in your classroom. We will look at how you can explore using Streetview, how to collect Points of Interest, importing and exporting KML and KMZ files, as well as checking out the new I'm Feeling Lucky and Voyager features. This workshop is suitable for Chromebooks and iPads. If time allows, we can also look at creating your own Google Earth Voyages using Tour Builder (not for iPads)

Introducing the New Google Earth

Yes. It's now all just in the browser. No more installations and updates.  Just open your browser to, and start exploring. Stunning visuals of the planet. Streetview panoramas. Voyages and more.

Start by going to


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