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Designing Google Sites: Part 2

Once you have a basic Google Site up and running, you can add content in lots of interesting ways. From embedding docs, maps, and video, to creating automated lists and feeds within the site, to integrating external resources such as Google Drive and Google Groups, there is a lot you can do to build a really functional, easy to navigate Site. This session will look at all the different things you can do to build content on your site, and even adding custom domains, etc.

This session is a follow-on from Part 1, but if you have used Sites before would still be useful even if you missed that session.

Either way, it will be really handy for you to have a partly built Site so you can play along in this workshop. It should have a navigation structure defined and a handful of pages to play with.

Play along! Here is a template you can use for this workshop. It contains blank pages for all the different page types and embeddable gadgets and objects for you to play with.