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Meet the brand new Google Sites

Google Sites has been around since 2006, and it is really starting to show its age compared to many of the newer, more sophisticated website building tools. Many of us have been eagerly awaiting an update to Sites, and it's finally almost here! Although not fully publicly released yet, this session will get you hands-on and building a website with the early release beta version of Google Sites so you can be up to speed with it when it launches.

Please keep in mind that this is unreleased software, and consider it in that light. It may be missing features, have bugs, or not function as expected.

Build a Site

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Where are we?
  • Videos
  • Resources
    • Documents
    • Images
    • PDFs
    • Slides
Add content to each of these pages.
Change the header image on each page
Design the page layout using the grid

In case you don't have the New Sites yet

The New Google Sites is not yet publicly available, but I have access to it for you to try.  You'll need to log into my Trainer account using the following steps...
  1. Open an incognito window 
  2. Go to drive.google.com
  3. Log in using the format studentxx@training.gafesummit.com  (Use your allocated number instead of xx)  Logins go from student01@... to student50@...
  4. Password is learning