Mastering Google Classroom

The big idea behind Google Classroom is to help manage the workflow process between teacher and student. This workshop will show you how Classroom can be used to handle that workflow in an simple, efficient and paperless way. You'll also discover some timesaving ideas for implementing Classroom in your classroom!

Getting started

  • Use a modern browser
  • Try Chrome! It just works better
  • Go to
  • Log into your school Google account

Creating or joining a Classroom

  • Teacher vs Student
  • How does Classroom know you’re a teacher?
  • Join a Classroom using a class code
  • Display the classcode in large font (new!)

The three main parts of Classroom

  • Stream
  • Student/Classmates
  • About

Set up your Classroom

  • Choose a Theme
  • Decide on the level of student interaction
  • Add any Co-Teachers
  • Add resources to your About page
  • Set up Guardians (if enabled)
  • Controlling email notifications in Settings
  • Transfer ownership to another co-teacher (new!)

So you're already using Google Classroom?

If you've been using Classroom for a while, you probably already have some great ideas and suggestions for how you're using it. Share some stories of how you're using it with the group by adding them to this Doc.

Use this document to share your Google Classroom story

Adding content to the Stream

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Questions
  • Reuse post

Adding media to a Post

  • Attachment - add any type of file, upload from your computer
  • Drive - add any file from Drive
  • Add a YouTube video
  • Add a link to any URL

Creating an Announcement

  • Post to multiple classes (if needed)
  • Post to individual students (if needed)
  • Add the information you want to share
  • Add a topic
  • Include any relevant media
  • Decide whether to post, schedule, or save draft

Creating a Question

  • Post to multiple classes (if needed)
  • Post to individual students (if needed)
  • Add your question and description
  • Choose a due date (if needed)
  • Add a topic
  • Choose Short Answer or Multiple Choice
  • Decide whether students will be able to reply to each other
  • Decise whether students can edit their answer
  • Include any relevant media
  • Decide whether to ask, schedule, or make it a draft

Creating an Assignment

  • Post to multiple classes (if needed)
  • Post to individual students (if needed)
  • Add your title and instructions
  • Choose a due date (if needed)
  • Add a topic
  • Include any relevant media. If a Google Doc, decide how the students should be able to interact with this media.
    • Students can only view file
    • Students can edit File
    • Make a copy for each student
  • Students can also add their own media and files to an empty assignment
  • Decide whether to post, schedule, or save draft

Grading Assignment Workflow

  • Create and distribute an assignment
  • Student completes assignment and turns it in
  • Teacher gives feedback on assignment using Comments, Suggestion Mode, etc
  • Student makes improvements to assignment
  • Repeat until final submission, or due date
  • Teacher opens assignment and makes final grading
  • Teacher returns assignment to student, gives a mark and leaves a comment
  • Grading can include decimal places (new!)
  • All evidence of comment history is kept on the student assignment page
  • Classroom manages the ability of students to edit the assignment based on whether it is turned in or not

Reusing Posts

  • Items created in one Classroom can be reused in another Classroom
  • Consider whether you want new copies of all attached files
  • Hint: Create a Lesson Library to build a collection of tasks, and then just draw on that collection as needed
  • For teaching teams, create a Lesson Library and add all members as Co-Teachers

Adding a self marking quiz

  • Convert a Form to a Quiz
  • Assign a point value and correct answer to each question
  • After adding a Form to an Assignment turn on Enable Grade Im porting
  • After students complete the quiz, use the Import Grades button to import all completed quizzes into Classrooms's marking system

Student View

  • Click on a student name in the Student list to see only the work for that student (new!)
  • Filter by Handed in, Returned with Grade or Missing (new!)

Exporting Grades

  • Once an assignment is graded, export the marks out as a Google Sheet or CSV file
  • Grades can be exported per assignment or as an overall markbook
  • Check which tasks still need grading from the ToDo option in the main menu

Classroom Calendars

  • A calendar will be created for every active Classroom
  • Calendars can be accessed from the About Page, from the Menu button, or from Google Calendar itself
  • All items with a due date will be automatically added to the calendar
  • Item due dates also show up on each student’s calendar, with a reminder

Managing Classrooms

  • Drag Classrooms to order them on the Courses page (new!)
  • Archive each Classroom that is no longer active
  • Archived Classrooms can be restored if necessary
  • When archived, Classrooms cannot be edited, but they can be viewed

Classroom Chrome Extension

  • Push any webpage to all student computers
  • Turn any webpage into an Announcement, Question or Assignment
  • All students must have the extension installed
  • Click here to get the Extension

Classroom on Mobile

  • Classroom app is available on mobile for iOS and Android
  • Interact with Classroom content on the go
  • Notifications!
  • Take photos directly with the mobile device and submit as assignment items
  • Grade assignments using digital ink on an iPad or Android tablet