Summit Stuff

People often ask me "Where can I find all your Summit stuff?"

I'll make it easy for you... just go to You're welcome.

On this site is a whole lot of summit stuff for you to follow up and explore. I normally share a lot of stuff in my workshops, and the notes, links, videos and other stuff you'll find on these pages are here to help refresh your memory about the stuff we covered, or just to help you go exploring stuff on your own.

All my original stuff is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. That means you can copy it, use it, modify it, as long as you credit the source (this site), and also share freely. You don't need to ask permission to use my stuff (the CC license means you already have it), you just need to cite and share. Enjoy.

I hope you find my Summit stuff useful,

Chris Betcher

PS: I used to keep all this stuff (and more) on an Old Classic Google Site. Take a stroll down memory lane and visit that stuff here if you like.